Saturday, 3 May 2008


Lubiana, capitale culturale.
Michele Drascek,

un artista goriziano fra due paesi.

Lubiana, cultural capital city.
Michele Drascek,
artist from Gorizia among two countries.

interview by Greta Sclaunich

New interview in an italian newspaper about art system in Slovenia and Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lubiana contemporary art situation and next projects like artist and curator.
In Il Messaggero Veneto, Friday 29th May, 2008.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Non clamor, sed amor in ArteIngenua collection

Non clamor, sed amor
digital print on photographic paper
100 x 70 cm.
[© collection ArteIngenua, Brescia]

New work selected in First International Competition ARTEINGENUA Prize 2008:
IMPACT – ART / place + relationships
Now in ArteIngenua collection in Brescia, Italy.

The work is about the artist and his relation with art system. The impact could be the meeting among the artist - his works of art - and the contemporary art system. In this case the meeting could create a contact that develop itself like a mutual relation. But the artist depends on an environment - contemporary art territory - with its structures and strategies. An environment that often becames a desert. The artist, sometimes abandoned [the word "desert" derives from the latin "desere" = "to abandon"] in a complex social system, feels himself in the centre of a non-place. In this elsewhere, in spite of it or maybe because of it, the artist is anyway pushed to discover and invent, to express and narrate, to live and love through the artistic production. He is pushed by the will, the dedication, the engagement, symbolized, with simplicity but also with strength, by the neuralgic centre of human body: the heart. The title Non clamor, sed amor is a sentence by Tommaso da Celano (13th century): "Non clamor, sed amor / non vox, sed votum / non cordula, sed cor" [not clamour sed love / not rumour but dedication / not violence but intelligence]. The photography declares and unfolds the sentence. It's a very demanding declaration that the artist makes to himself. A declaration that, at the same time, is against to another concept of impact: the impact of the surprising istant; the impact of the shockvertising in a kind of artistic production that wants to upset to call people's attention; the impact of the "impact makers" artists; the impact like reduction of artistic production into astonishment.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

ART IN LJUBLJANA (click for an exctract)

CultureHunting + ScandicciCultura Firenze + GingerZone

Art in Lubiana
a video by Lorenzo Mazza

CulturHunting, a project about the artistic reality of the young european scene, begin with the presentation of the video Art in Ljubljana, including Michele Drascek interview recorded in Ljubljana, December 2007.

Friday 9 May, 2008
at 9 pm
Piazza Togliatti, Scandicci (Firenze)