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V-ATAK [France]
Founded in 2002, V-Atak is a label dedicated to audio and visual art.
Made up with a hybrid mix of Vj’s, movie makers and musicians, the label grew year after year and developed an edgy identity on the Audio/Video live scene.
When performing video/audio live art and producing music clips as well, the crew is at its best by taking risks. V-Atak services and products (installations, Vjing, DVDs) reflect that constant questioning that the label has on manner and matter, playing with the ever-changing digital technology and its limits.
While society, corporations and politics use images and media to exert a control on the masses, V-Atak challenges common sense and ideas through images and sounds. The process that has become them trademark, distorting contemporary media icons to recreate an original sense, offers the public an opportunity to question with irony and violence the mass media representations.
The video Death Mariachi, Feeding your back and Fuel tank presented in 3.Kanal are included in the DVD and CD “Tzii - Rotten Friendship”, produced by V-Atak and Night On Earth (audio label). "Tzii - Rotten Friendship" arises from the encounter between Robin Kobrynski (aka RKO) and Eric Desjeux (aka Tzii), respective founders of these two labels.

Directed by 1n0ut
Music by TZII
Duration: 9’20
Year of production: 2008
Location of production: JAPAN / USA
Production: 1n0ut / V-ATAK
DVD 16/9 PAL
Synopsis: A digital resurrection of poor dead creatures, which accompany a dark musical flow. Morphs of dead taxidermy corps tunnel a vision of dead digital eternity.

Directed by RKO
Music by TZII & RKO
Duration: 9’45
Year of production: 2008
Location of production: MEXICO / FRANCE
Production: V-ATAK
DVD 16/9 PAL
Synopsis: Images and sounds collected through Mexico as postcards. Swirling around eclectic scenes of this country, a camera guides us in the inmost depths of a dolls sanctuary...The death is only represented by the support of films, discovering little by little the dark faces of this trip to the country of Mariachis.

Directed by TOFF alias Christophe Rannou

Music by TZII
Duration: 6’
Year of production: 2008
Location of production: FRANCE
Production: V-ATAK
DVD 16/9 PAL
Synopsis: Dark echo from the chaos resound into the infinit...

Directed by Robin Kobrynski
Music by Pedro Penas Robles
Duration: 10'
Year of production: 2005
Location of production: France
Production: V-ATAK
16/9 PAL
Synopsis:The action is located in a post-apocalyptic world. The war ravaged a part of the humanity. Some survivors persist on this contaminated earth. Teams of human beings locked in bunker send robots to find survivors...

Center for Urban Culture
Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Opening 1st February 2010
Everyday from 9am till 8pm
+ night screening

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