Friday, 23 October 2009

Cercavi tra l'erba le parole - cover

There's something I can't quite make out...
Margarita fades away!
[refer to the post 2007 - December - Fade out Drawings]

cover for the poems

Cercavi tra l'erba le parole
[You were looking to the words in the grass]
by Roberto Marino Masini

Roberto Marino Masini, Cercavi tra l'erba le parole
L'Arcolaio, I codici del '900, N.7, Milano, 2009


Friday, 9 October 2009

P.I.O. at Frieze Art Fair - London



Open Calla project by Brina Thurston
for 'Impossible Exchange'

P.I.O. [Perfect Italian Obsession]

P.I.O. [Perfect Italian Obsession]2009
c-print on plexiglas
© Michele Drascek

Within the framework of Frieze Projects at the 2009 edition of Frieze Art Fair, New York-based artist Brina Thurston present Open Call, as part of the project 'Impossible Exchange' by the curatorial team Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado.

Brina Thurston's project considers the ostensibly democratic process by which art institutions invite artists to submit works to be considered for exhibition, but in which many factors other than quality and merit operate. Transporting what happens behind closed doors to a public arena, Brina Thurston queries the existing logic of open calls by providing exposure opportunities for a range of artists outside of the gallery system and shifting the power of selection to the artist.

The presentation of the selected works will take place at the booth of 'Impossible Exchange' at Frieze Art Fair,
15-18 October 2009, London, UK.