Monday, 2 June 2008


Michele Drascek



Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales

25th - 26th June 2008
Quito, Ecuador

Aequatorlab is a project by a group of Latin American artists whose main concern is the relationship between art as cultural production and social issues such as environment, human rights, heritage, alternative political spaces, to name a few. Aequadorlab workshop and exhibition in Quito concerns the topics territory - society - frontiers - geographic imaginary and them relations.

Curator for these topics that concern Italian-Slovenian ex-border, Michele Drascek introduced to the partecipants this important hinge between Ovest and Est Europe with different instruments:

> a short writing on the history of the border till the European Union presidency of Slovenia (1st January - 31st June 2008);

> the showing of three video of the director Anja Medved and produced by Kinoatelje* on the cities Gorizia-Nova Gorizia, the border between them, history and stories:
Moja Meja / Il mio confine
(My border), Mesto na travniku / La citta' sul prato (The City on the meadow), Sesivalnica spomina /Ricuciture di memorie (Memories restitched);

> the introduction and the presentation of an extract of the book Confini di celluloide by Moreno Zago, edited by Kinoatelje: a book on the border between cinema and society, fiction and reality to understand the complex life on the frontiers;

> Michele Drascek documentary Borderland - recorded for Aequadorlab in June - on what remain of the borderline and the frontier posts between Gorizia and Nova Gorica after 21st December 2007, date of the entrance of Slovenia in Schengen Accord area.

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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Michele Drascek intervention in AestOvest seminar

European Commission
Observatory on the Balkans

Forum Trentino for Peace and Human Rights

Automomous Province of Trento - Council Department for International Solidarity

International Institute Jacques Maritain
Culture Club Istro Veneta "Istria"


Trespassing in Europe.
The challenges of a common area.

24th June 2008
9:30 am
Regional Council, Sala Tiziano Tessitori
Piazza Oberdan 5, Trieste (Italia)


9:30 am - Introduction

LUISA CHIODI, Director Observatory on the Balkans - Rovereto (TN)

9:45 am - Salutations

LIVIO DORIGO, President Culture Club Istro Veneta “Istria”, Trieste
WALTER GODINA, Town councillor for Community Politics , Province of Trieste
ENRICO CONTE, Director Culture Departement, University and Research, Municipality of Trieste

10:15 am- The challenges of a common area
Moderator: FRANCESCA VANONI, Observatory on the Balkans

MARTA VERGINELLA, historian, University of Lubiana
GIAN MATTEO APUZZO, sociologist, University of Trieste
MILAN BUFON, geographer, Coast University - Koper/Capodistria
EMILIO COCCO, researcher, University of Teramo

1 pm- Buffet

2:30 pm - Experiences confrontation
MELITA RICHTER, sociologist

ALE҆ DOKTORIC, President of Kinoatelje - Gorizia
MICHELE DRASCEK, artist and curator

3:45 pm- Presentation of the multimedia DVD

DAVIDE SIGHELE, journalist, Observatory on the Balkans

5 pm - Closing

Free entrance

Observatory on the Balkans
Piazza San Marco 7
Tel: 0464 424230
Fax: 0464 424299

video of the intervention on web: