Thursday, 24 March 2011

THE DRAWING - Wimbledon Space, London

the drawing collective
// Michele Drascek  Manca Bajec  Emma Moore  Milia Xin Bi //


Collective / Interview / Gallery Visit / Money / Value / Authorship / Misunderstandings / Determination / Unfinished / The impossibility of the display of absolute knowledge-understanding.

"You don't understand the meaning of my gesture". We have been caught up in an endless cycle of idea, pursuit, discovery and advancement - how to convey the fact that for four months four individuals worked consistently with the idea of purchasing one artwork. Throughout this process, the act of doing/pursuing becomes all consuming and overshadows the act of presentation or exhibition. In a desperate attempt to reconcile the two, 'doing' exhausts itself to the point of displaying incomprehensible lines of enquiry and discovery.
Tangled in a mess of correspondences and miscommunication lie an archive of lived experience: impossible to be accurately displayed, unlikely to be repeated, definitely to be continued.

the drawing at Wimbledon Space:

the drawing collective would like to thank the following for their contribution to the project:

Donald Smith
David Medalla
Stephen Farthing
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Jason Brown
Rober Lee
Nicola Shane
Haroon Mizra
Antony Hudek
Isobel Whitelegg
Joseph Heatcott
Donald Moore
David Dibosa
Richard Boyd
Clare Mitte
Mary Doyle
Philip Athill
Oisin Merrins
Neil Cummings
Guy Brett
Tom Rooth
Ellie Pitkins
Rydal Hanbury
Sarah Catherine Gifford
Christina Gassner
David Garcia
Gustavo Grandal-Montenero

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